"Get Your Business Directly in Front of Thousands of Local Buyers Instantly"

98% of consumers bring in their mail daily*

If you want to be sure your message gets seen, our giant co-op postcard will dwarf everything else and demand instant attention to your services.
  • Instead of spending a fortune to advertise your services, brand, special offers... simply "ride along" with our local co-op for only pennies per view.
  • No other medium on the planet can place you so quickly in front of entire neighborhoods like this postcard can.
  • Best of all we don't allow competitors (certain restrictions apply), it's either you or them---there's only room for one. So join our co-op today and reserve a spot on the next campaign before a competitor does.

Here's How It Works:

For just a few of these each...

Which brings in lots of these...Which generates lots of these...

Here is a sample of what a 9" x 12" billboard postcard looks like:

9x12 Sample

So Let Me Ask You...

Is your business prepared for


without spending


Discover why this method is so powerful?

  • RAPID RESPONSE: Instantly reach thousands of local buyers with nearly 100% exposure.
  • FULLY EXCLUSIVE: You won't have any direct competitors who could damage your response (certain restrictions apply).
  • BRILLIANT COLOR: Beautiful full color glossy cardstock that demands attention.
  • CO-OP BUYING POWER: You pay only a tiny fraction of the total cost, yet you reap all the rewards. Everyone shares the cost of the ads!

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Before Your

Competition Does!


Still looking for


why postcards are more successful compared to

other methods?

  • TV/Radio: Depends on people watching at that particular. Nearly impossible to tell if customers respond to it or not.
  • Coupon Packs: Always gets littered across thousands of homes but only a small percentage open them; typically the "bargain" hunters you don't want anyway. You end up squished between competitors and multiple pages, plummeting your true exposure down to peanuts.
  • Internet Marketing: Exposes you to people actively searching for your services, but for every person, searching there are many more who would respond if you simply invited them.

Think about if you had one chance to send a critically important message to someone.

Would you:

  • Do a commercial and hope they saw it?
  • Put it in a coupon mailer and hope they opened it?
  • Upload it to the internet and hope they surfed over to it?

That's why giant postcards work so well, they simply get your message in front of everyone, every single time without fail.

Don't let your competitor steal the spot-light from you, reserve you space in our co-op campaign NOW!

So Are You Ready to Reach From 5,000 Up to 150,000 Mailboxes in Some Areas?

Well before you do let me tell you about 2 AMAZING features!

One of the toughest problems everyone who does these type of 9" x 12" giant postcards has is what we call "shelf life". In other words what is to stop your potential new customers from just tossing these postcards away in the garbage the minute they bring them into the home? Because if they do that it's just like tossing your good money away when they do because nobody see's your ad!

Well we have figured out an answer to that problem!

We Call It...

GIVE BACK LOCAL - Home of the $1,000 CASH Give Away!

This is the message that is prominently displayed on the front and back of every one of our postcards:

Every single postcard alerts the holder that they can WIN $1,000 CASH...


They signup to enter AND they must SAVE THE CARD until the end of the month when the drawing for the giveaway happens! They must present the card to collect the $1,000 CASH!

Now about that 2nd AMAZING feature I mentioned above...

Well the 2nd largest objection we hear from business owners about doing direct mail postcards is "What guarantee do I have that this will bring traffic to my business?"

We have figured out the answer to this one as well.

With each and every single ad on our postcards we do our best to convince you that a discount, coupon, or special offer should be made with the ad. And to take advantage of the discount, coupon, or special offer the consumer MUST bring in the ad to your place of business to collect.

What this does is to make sure that you can track exactly how well your ad is doing. And we are going to insure that this happens because with every single ad purchase by you, we will purchase back from you a Gift Card or Certificate that we will then give away when we do our $1,000 CASH Give Away as well.

These Gift Cards or Certificates can only be redeemed at your place of business thereby insuring you traffic and sales.

So not only does our co-op mailer work to give your business MASSIVE exposure, but now your ad has a "shelf life" for the whole month, and GUARANTEED TRAFFIC to your place of business. AND on top of that you can know your doing you're part to GIVE BACK to the LOCAL COMMUNITY for their loyalty of shopping local through our $1,000 CASH Give Away. And our intention is to work with our co-op partners and select one business that will allow us to do the monthly drawing utilizing Facebook Live at their place of business drawing even more crowds and giving even more EXPOSURE.

So let me ask you again...

Are You Ready to Reach From 5,000 Up to 150,000 Households?

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P.S. Utilizing the POWER of co-op pricing, your cost averages only about 10% of the standard price if you were to do your own 9x12 postcard mailing!