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Our GIVE BACK LOCAL Small Business Marketing Group is the START OF A REVOLUTION and a GRASS ROOTS EFFORT to bring together ONLINE and OFFLINE Marketing Platforms into ONE seamless well oiled marketing machine for merely pennies on the dollar!


A Group Marketing Platform Combined Into A System That Simply Works

Here’s an overview of what our program integrates into a well oiled marketing machine:

  1. We begin with PRINT. Every business needs an image, and that starts with Print. As small and simple as a business card, letter head, stationary, flyers, postcards, and business forms all the way up to banners or billboards, your local business needs an image to market itself and get out your message. Our Small Business Marketing Group can offer unheard of pricing on all of your Printing needs through our own Hometown Print and Design. As part of our Group you have direct access to our “Meet Or Beat” pricing model on any and all of your printing needs.
  2. Next comes DIRECT MAIL. Every business needs to market itself. And since the inception of analog and digital media (TV, Radio, Internet) small business has been distracted from the most effective form of marketing available anywhere still today, and that is Direct Mail. TV, Radio, and the Internet are all distractions. How so? Each of those mediums rely on interruption marketing. In other words they all rely on someone being at a specific place at a specific time in order to hear or see your marketing message. Not so with Direct Mail. There is still one thing that 98% of the population CHOOSES on their own volition to do every single day, and that is to CHECK THEIR MAIL. And it’s that very reason why our Unique Type of Direct Mail is more effective than any other type of offline marketing medium available today. Learn more about our unique type of Direct Mail. We also can help your business Promote With Flyers. As part of our Group you get your own Flyer Design for Free.
  3.  Next in line is a WEBSITE. What business today can succeed and grow without a website? In the 21st century a website is a must if you want to be taken seriously. But as a small business owner who has the time to learn about domains, hosting, and all that is required to design, build, and maintain an online presence with a website? It’s all you can do to keep up with operating and managing your offline aspects of your business, let alone everything that is involved today with an online presence. Well our solution to this is Internet Techz. As part of our Group we will manage and host your website for you.
  4. Once you have an online presence you need TRAFFIC. Just like your offline business, your online business requires traffic, without traffic you have no one to sell your products or services to. And if your like every other business today you are constantly barraged with phone and email solicitations attempting to sell you the next shiny object that is supposed to guarantee you rankings and traffic, but then only falls short of promises made. Well we have an answer to this as well. It’s called PAY PER RESULT SEO. What is that your thinking? Well how about, We’ll get you on the first page of Google, for search terms you want, or we don’t get paid“. Yep, you tell us what keyword phrases you want your local business website to rank for on the first page of Google, and we will rank your website for those keywords, and you DO NOT PAY anything UNTIL WE PERFORM. You really do not want to miss this program! Learn more about our Pay Per Result SEO.
  5.  Now you have your Printing needs taken care of, and you are utilizing the most effective means of marketing still today through Direct Mail, and you now have an online presence with a Website, and your website is getting Traffic through Pay Per Result SEO, it’s time to ramp things up a bit and take it over the top. How we do that is through Social Media. Your business NEEDS social media to engage with potential and current customers. And your social media needs to effectively represent your business image you created in item 1 above. So yep, we have thought that through as well. Our program for social media will absolutely blow you away. And we want to begin doing so by giving you a FREE SOCIAL MEDIA COVER GRAPHIC TODAY. This is another one you will NOT want to miss. Get Your Free Social Media Cover Today.
  6.  We’ve covered a lot of ground, but we’re not done yet. Two other items are required to complete a full arsenal that is needed in today’s marketing economy. Once you have all of the above in place you still need BACKLINKS. And our solution to that is our network of LOCAL BUSINESS DIRECTORIES. And once again you can begin getting a backlink to your website or social media site by grabbing a FREE Listing in one of our Local Business Directory websites.
  7. Now we finally have everything in place it’s time to knock it out of the stratosphere. And how we do that is through PAID ADVERTISING utilizing platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other marketing platforms. But not just any paid advertising. Our unique style of integrating everything into one seamless well oiled machine with the use of cookies, Facebook pixels, and re-targeting and tracking codes literally means that where ever your potential customers or clients go online, there you are. Make sure you take the time to learn about our Managed Paid Advertising Programs.

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  • Print and Direct Mail

All designed and structured to reward our loyal local consumers by GIVING BACK to our communities through coupons, discounts, special offers, and yes, $1,000 CASH Give Aways.

A local group consists of:

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