Effective and Affordable
Marketing for Your Business.

Imagine having your business products or services FEATURED EVERYWHERE to 5,000 OR MORE homes and businesses
in your target market ONLINE and OFFLINE for merely pennies each!


Direct Mail Marketing Simply Works

You can get more leads and sales with direct mail postcard marketing. Even in this internet age of search engines and social media, postcards and direct mail may seem outdated, but in fact direct mail is more effective than ever, especially when combined AND integrated with current online marking platforms.

Why? Because a targeted postcard cuts through the marketing noise and goes straight to the mailbox of your ideal prospect – quickly and inexpensively. If you want to reach SPECIFIC NEIGHBORHOODS (say, those households within a mile or two of your business), in a way that’s GUARANTEED to be seen, and prefer NOT to have your message diluted by a bunch of competitor’s offers – contact us and we can make that happen for you.

You probably have a better quality service or product than your competitors, right? Give our local customers a reason to spend their money with you. Our GIVE BACK LOCAL Co-op marketing is a fast, effective way to get your offer 100% exposure because its not hidden between pages of competitors or buried in an envelope.

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When done correctly, then  integrated and combined with current online marketing platforms, postcard marketing can produce fast results and a GREAT response rate – especially when you leverage other business owners by sharing the cost. Learn more about the gigantic Co-Op mailer you may have seen, targeted shared postcard mailings or Solo postcard direct mail services.


Join Our Local Co-Op

Join a “Co-Op” of local businesses that split the costs of marketing their products and services, through platforms such:

  • Local Business Directory Websites
  • Managed Hosting & Business Websites
  • Social Media Sites Like Facebook and Instagram
  • Search Engines and Partner Websites

All combined & integrated with massive direct mail campaigns into a seamless well oiled marketing machine, that’s also designed and structured to reward our loyal local consumers by GIVING BACK to our communities through coupons, discounts, special offers, and yes, $1,000 CASH Give Aways.

A local group consists of:

• Business Owners Located in the Same Geographic Area
• Businesses All Targeting the Same Local Area


Advertisement and Offer Crafting

Work with our creative and marketing professionals to create the eye-catching and attention-grabbing design to represent your business.

At GIVE BACK LOCAL, we constantly track which designs and offers bring in the best results, and we work hard to ensure your design has every chance of success.



Each month your city’s Co-Op ads are printed on impossible-to-miss, oversized mailbox billboards and are mailed out to 5,000 OR MORE homes and businesses located in and around your local community. We integrate these ads into a massive online network of marketing platforms so that where ever an interested consumber goes, THERE YOUR AD IS AS WELL!

Is there any reason you wouldn’t want your business to be
featured in the homes of your target market?

Our HUGE Mailbox Billboard has proven to be the MOST COST EFFECTIVE way of INCREASING SALES and BRAND AWARENESS in a local market.


According to research, more than 50% or regular mailings are thrown away without a glance. Our Mailbox Billboard boasts a near 95% exposure rate because of its unique size and quality.

Exposure rate – a direct marketing term used to determine the effectiveness of a marketing campaign by measuring the rate of recipients that view the ad.


5,000 minimum of these postcards with your business’ offers and promotions are sent out each month. Literally every home nearby your business will receive the postcard!

Saturation – a marketing strategy that works by “saturating” a message within a localized area by reaching the majority of households in a postal carrier route.


Your business will be exposed to the homes that matter the most! Our marketing department hand-picks each neighborhood using key demographics and employ the Smart Rotation Technique.

Targeted Advertising – a marketing strategy used to maximize returns by placing advertisements where it can reach consumers based on various traits and demographics


A marketing campaign of this size and quality would set you back a couple thousand dollars. It would normally be a very risky investment.

However, because members (non-competing business owners in a certain localized area) split the costs, it is now easily affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Unlike our Competitors, we offer…

Limited Visual Competition
We do not stuff as many advertisements as we can into an envelope. Neither do we rely on someone being on a certain channel at a specific time. Nor do we spread ads throughout several pages of newsprint or articles.

Field Exclusivity
Only non-competing businesses are allowed on the same postcard. This means that within your group, you will not have to compete with any other business for the spotlight. If you are a dentist, you will be the only dentist featured.

Vibrant and Memorable
Our mailings are printed with vibrant colors on a thick, 14pt gloss-coated oversized postcard, catching the attention of all recipients. It’s virtually impossible to miss.

Claim Your Spot Before Your Competition Does!

Spaces are limited and are on a first-come first-serve basis. Direct competitors are not allowed on the same postcard.